Musings after acting in my first play

Long day today. Commuted to Chicago. Had a technical interview, ate at my favorite banh mi place (heyo Lotus​!), acted as a jerk husband in a play called Reclaiming Life: Silencing Stigma​, ate more food in the reception, got drinks with cast-mates afterward.

Have to crank out the last few things on my client project to get the site up and running for real, and rehab my ankle, for which I must turn to the dark arts of zheng gu shui and epsom salts. I also need to memorize lines for Tug of War​, the next production I’m in, and schedule another interview…

It sounds busy, but it’s really not that bad, probably because I don’t have a real adult person job…yet.

Being able to be involved in the arts is a real blessing. Singing at SingStrong​, acting with Circa Pintig​, and dancing with Chicago Dance Crash​ in the past has been a joy, and I am grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to perform – to play! – with these amazing people.

I feel complete with Art in my life. Sometimes I worry that it will fade away, whether through physical infirmity or practical lifestyle concerns, but if it’s survived this far, perhaps it will continue to live on. I think I’m just beginning to realize how important a role it plays in my life.

Anyway, random musings. I should have been asleep by now.