Rolling downhill

I’ve come to realize that finding the situations, environments, and people that motivate me is far more important right now than having hollow goals. I’ve hesitated to write about what I’ve been working on lately because, truthfully, I haven’t been working on much of anything. If you have asked me in person in the last 3-4 months, it’s been my startup idea, but my progress on that has been precisely zero.

Despite the lack of apparent progress, I would not do it differently. I’ve learned a lot more about myself, which is invaluable information. At the same time, making things would be nice. And dealing with the basic insecurities I’ve unearthed would be great as well. So…what’s to do, knowing that goals are largely unhelpful in creating forward momentum? Roll downhill. I just have to find the environments or processes that position me at the top of a hill.

I particularly like that metaphor because it acknowledges that even if you have a certain amount of potential energy, nothing’s going to happen until you find a way to convert that into kinetic energy – in other words, movement. So “What gets me to move?” has been something I’ve asked myself a lot lately.

I just hopped on over to Hacker News for the first time in forever and found myself reading an article by the creator of Dilbert, Scott Adams, about how to be successful that supports my thoughts regarding goals. Instead, he emphasizes using systems to increase serendipity, bounce back from failures, and to be persistent.

That’s exactly what I would have written if I had a clearer vision for this blog post!

Time to roll on to the next topic.