Run in with an Actor

I’m only writing this blog because I’m obligated to you, my readers, to spew some sort of verbal diarrhea onto the internet.

Just kidding, I just feel the urge. And my sister is peer pressuring me into writing. But I have no grand narrative to tell. Maybe I’ll stick with less grand ones.

Today I had the opportunity to rehearse with Chicago Dance Crash, a mixed discipline (hip hop / contemporary / acrobatics) dance group. I was invited to perform with them in Austin, Texas as a guest artist, a role I approached with trepidation – I’m no damn artist! I’m a tricker! I hope they don’t want me to do choreography – and accepted, posthaste. I wasn’t about to turn this down, even if it was uncomfortably difficult or compromised my work schedule. I don’t know when or if I would ever get this kind of opportunity again.

Also, the Crash dancers are a helluvalot of fun.

Anyway, I was chatting with the other guest artist, one Aaron Dalla Villa. It was pretty interesting. He’d been in the professional entertainment business for about three years, going from contract to contract with dance companies (mostly ballet or contemptorary) until he’d landed in Chicago. It wasn’t his destination of choice, which went to either LA for film work or New York for more classical jobs, but it was a place that seemed ripe with jobs relative to the other places he’d been. He told me about a few casting agencies I should apply to, among them Joan Philo for stunt work and Planet Earth for dance print opportunities. Those are definitely interesting. He also told me that Chicago is a hotbed for print work, which is also intriguing. Ah, not crucial information, but he started acting because one of the dance companies he contracted out to somehow managed to wreck his ankle.

It’s a really interesting world, entertainment is. Hard, though. I’m just glad I can gaze into the peephole for now.

Show in Austin in September, practices Tuesdays! Wish me luck.