Pre Standup Post

Writing is therapeutic – it allows me to analyze my own thoughts as I put them to paper – and I often wonder if it is reflective of different states of mind. When I write, do I write because I am in a certain mood? A certain environment? Or do I write and then enter a different state of mind? Unfortunately, this may be one of those chicken and the egg questions, as I am too lazy to properly set up an experiment to determine either way.

I spent a bit of time meditating before I walked into the office today. It was at the river bend, watching the green leaves flutter in the wind and the light filter through the various levels of leaves. It took me a while to close my eyes, but when I did, I saw the shoreline and the greenery that adorned it. I wish I had more time to spend meditating, more time to spend in Indiana’s beautiful beaches. I’ll go back.

The truth is that I do have the time. We always have the time. It’s a confluence of other things that keep us from doing the things that we want to do. Right now, I am concentrating on something that I’m okay with doing in order to be able to do something better in the future. This, too, is a gamble, but it’s not certain that this is the highest return activity in the short term or the long term.

Fire. Fire or water?