Building a Tricker

Last week, I got a membership at the UIC gym and managed to go not once, not twice, but three times in the early mornings. It was a runaway success (save for the part where I didn’t run at all). It actually reminds me a lot of the good old days when I lived in my car on the UIUC campus. Up early in the morning to shower and workout, and then a full day ahead of me.

This time, though, my goal is different. I am not merely abusing the hell out of an included gym membership in order to shower. I am here to rehabilitate and regain my wings.

(A quack doctor once told me that we were meant to crawl around on all fours, and while I understand where she was coming from in an evolutionary sense, besides being a) wrong for all of bipedal humanity, she also b) clearly did not know me. She may have been meant to crawl around in the dirt. I was meant to fly.)

To that end, I am going back to the basics with tricking. I never trained to be a tricker and never felt like a tricker. I think it was Kevin Lawler who told me I was a tricker upon finding me practicing at the gym in college. I didn’t know tricking was its own discipline, I just happened to have a good deal of skills that overlapped with tricking. This past week means that is changing.

This past week means I’ve started a journey toward rehabilitation, training and conditioning, and cross-disciplinary movement study. I’m taking all the pieces of my life and I’m using them to build a tricker.


time in gym: 1:20

– Raw meal (1/2 serving)

Kicks, 10 of each (both sides):
– front snap kick
– roundhouse
– hook kick
– high roundhouse

10x combo (both sides):
– front snap → roundhouse → hook → high roundhouse

– Wrist stretches (cambered)
– Calf raises
– Dancers’ stretches

– breast stroke 3 laps
– kick board 1 lap

What gets measured gets managed.

I’m past my prime, but these things only get harder as you grow older. I may never do a triple cork, but I am dedicated to improvement for the sake of health and happiness. That’s Why Bodybuilding at the Age of 93 is a Great Idea.

It’s so good to be able to take care of myself!

PS, I’d love any tips on fitness/nutrition/technique: swimming, kicks, tumbling, before/during/after workout nutrition, conditioning for gymnastics, martial arts, or other explosive activities, and for joint stability and maintenance. If you can think of anything else, let me know!