Let it fade

Heads up – this is another rambling post, a collection of random thoughts orphaned of any context and therefore undeserving of a full on blog post. Similarly, the title. Let’s see what happens.

Let It Fade

Last year it was my left elbow. This year it’s my right foot, possibly my lisfranc ligament, a tiny piece of cartilage responsible for holding my foot together in one piece. I am seriously endangering my ability to do touchdown raizes.

Which brings me to my tricking ‘career,’ whatever that may be. I think it is time to accept that my physical capacity for tricking has passed its zenith. I may be able to condition to overcome my injuries and even learn new tricks, but the truth is that I would have been able to more easily do so prior to my injuries. I have to acknowledge that I am on the way down.

A renowned tricker named Dogen, one of the first, quit tricking for similar reasons. My friend noted that by the end, he could barely walk, but he could still double corkscrew. I, meanwhile, am still limping from my injury. I hope I can regain a normal gait and even start running again with aggressive rehabilitation, but it does remind me of him.

This does not mean that I will stop. This just means that I have to work harder to fight the fade, even while acknowledging that it is happening. If or when I give up this Sisyphean struggle may hinge on gaining what peace of mind I can from the process of building and rebuilding my broken body.

We are human. It is as it is. We fade.

The Sun Also Rises

But for the unfortunate incident involving my foot, I have felt like an eagle about to fledge. I am employed, moving into the city, and ready to rehab and dance my ass off. Moving into the city gives me 15 more hours on weekdays, hours that I can turn toward my own use – investigating a new idea, learning, chilling out, swimming, dancing, tricking, or otherwise. An income means more flexibility in some ways, and less flexibility in other ways.

I’m excited.

Oh, it’s also my birthday.

Ideas suck

But they are, in fact, still all I have. I am working on my ability to execute, but I think my graduating from a thinking of myself as a beginner programmer will depend on my ability to execute on my concepts in a test-driven manner.

Werk it, gurl

So, working at Aggrego. I’ll fess up – in prior posts, I’ve mentioned it only as a source of income. This is due to some severe mental partitioning between work and personal life that’s reflected in my github accounts – one for personal, one for work.

Work has been great.

I am surrounded by really smart coworkers, a boss who programs and doesn’t just manage, in an interesting industry, in the best city on Earth (I am a bit biased). It’s a young company, so, as a friend said, everyone counts. I feel like my contributions, beyond simply code, have a chance to become part of the company’s DNA.