Energy Management

I write this after a long day at work, hammering away against problems that I know have been solved, and in more elegant ways. This is not unusual, just the end of the first week of my attempting to do so. I am learning a great deal at Aggrego and everyone is awesome. I do my best, but it is exhausting. I am learning about energy management and what persistence means.

I’m used to having 12 things going on at once, so it feels peculiar to note that most of my time is spent reading about programming, coding, or teaching other people to program. Even in my writing, programming has taken precedence (Rails for Canadians, heyo!). Besides the commute, I’m not complaining; it’s just unusual. This singular focus will change, to an extent, when I move into the city and I have the time and money to rehabilitate my broken body, but otherwise I will probably be mostly consumed by programming for the foreseeable future.

That said, I still want to build my own ideas. I still want to dance, to play guitar, to start fencing/stunt training/archery. It’s hard to do all of that, purely as a matter of energy. I’ve intended on writing on the train, but oftentimes I just pass out. Right now, up to 15 hours of my workweek are taken up by commuting and that, alone, is draining.

But on the other hand, I think I’m getting used to the energy requirements. It’s like how banging my head against programming problems has increased my tolerance to problem solving – banging my head against the train window must be increasing my tolerance to commuting. My hope is that this is a generalized tolerance and that it results in an overall higher amount of energy.

Until then, I need to carefully manage my energy and my priorities. I’m watching the clock as I type this, because I’m an hour and a half past my normal bed time.

So…good night! And good luck in your own ventures.