Goddammit, I’m awesome.

Bitch, please!

I’ve been in a downswing lately, which is why I’m going to take a moment to indulge myself and talk about how fucking awesome I am. I may come off as an ass. This is incorrect. I am more like a glorious stallion.

  • I ran a marathon. Without training. In Vibrams. Creepy monkey feet for the win.
  • I love adventure. Click here if you want to hear about me living in my car for a semester at school. Or click here if you want to read about walking from Champaign to Chicago. Or come along on the trip yourself:
  • I’m fearless to the point of stupidity:
  • I was a stunt performer in an 80’s style action movie. I have an IMDB page to prove it.
  •  I am a movement artist. Did I mention that I defy gravity?
  • I also dance. Dance is the appreciation of movement.
  • I write about loving an art as if it was a person I could fall in love with. I also write to explain. I write to express.
  • I code.
  • “I strive for mastery. I love helping people. I am passionate about what I do.” You Should Date Me.
  • I pursue ideals: Truth, Love, Hope, Craftsmanship, Artistry. Above all, I believe in other people – I believe in you.

I have to cut this short, or it could go on for a while, but in summary, “Bitch, please! Stop moping. Start Awesoming.”

  • name

    You are a goddamn Magikarp that turns into a fucking Gyarados. Hang in there little fishy.

  • Yes, this is the kind of crazy awesomeness I want to read about!

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