Seattle’s Finest

It’s been about a week since I got back from the far Northwest reaches of the Union. I’ve been lazy, hence the lack of updates about the home of Seattle’s Finest Coffee (which is different than Starbucks).

I was there primarily as an Enforcer (volunteer) for PAX Prime 2012:

The hallowed hall of the first PAX

Unfortunately for me, I was put on the night shift, which runs from 9pm to 2am, which would have been perfectly fine if I had already adjusted the Pacific time. As it was, the shift ran until what felt like 4am to me.

That said, I’m glad I got a chance to work at Classic Console. The work wasn’t difficult, and I got to see a lot of nostalgia inducing games:

Old games!
Lots of old games!

The collection had been borrowed from a very generous donor who apparently had every single SNES and N64 game in existence. It was mind-blowing. I felt like I was in Classic Game Valhalla. And watching people dig up gems that I’d never heard of was even more incredible.

The rest of my time in Seattle was mostly spent trotting around various locations. I was lucky enough to come across a wedding at Discovery Park at the Native Indian Cultural Center:

A little wedding. There can’t have been more than 10 people in attendance around the area, but perhaps I was just early?

I also just wandered around the area.

The smell of seaweed was at first tantalizing (Nori?!) and then overwhelming.

I also saw a friend I’d never met before. First, I took her suggestion to eat at Wasabi Bistro, which was excellent:

Wasabi Bistro was both tasty and a good deal.

Angela had been reading my blog for a while and commented to say that I was on her home turf. We ended up eating more sushi, getting some delicious frozen custard, and touring the University of Washington campus. I’m glad you dropped me a line when you did!

All the while, I stayed at Tyler’s place in Belltown, which was a lifesaver because it was a last minute request. Thankfully, I knew Tyler from the Epic Watermelon Gathering at DePaul:

The rest of the time, I hung out with my uncle, Kevin Chin, and my cousins, who are all pretty awesome:

My uncle and cousins

Which means I also got to tour the Microsoft campus, where he works:

DK likes to point out that the Microsoft “campus” is more like a county. It’s true – it’s enormous.

I spent a good number of hours in the Microsoft library, greedily absorbing programming knowledge.

All in all, I had a good trip. Yet, I was eager to get back to Chicago to start working in earnest on, well, finding work, and AlumTalks. I’m glad to be back on track on the Midwest Coast.