The Last Stretch

Despite the fact that we’ve got one week left of classes and a whole lot of preparation to do for Demo Day, I am serene. I know that my job for this week is to make the most of my time with my classmates and instructors while we’re all still in Chicago. As for what comes after Code Academy, I may not know the course, but I know if I follow the river, it will take me in the right direction. Whatever happens next, I still need to learn and apply myself.

Before I recap what happened since the last Code Academy update, it has come to my attention that some people don’t know what Code Academy is. It is an 11 week intensive web development course, designed for absolute programming beginners. What, then, is web development? Web development is the menagerie of skills necessary to create a website that is also a tool, to borrow my friend Don Mach’s turn of phrase. Basically, Code Academy teaches you how to create websites that you can interact with – Twitter, Facebook, and blogs are all examples of sites that need a software developer in order to create.

TL;DR – Code Academy is a great way to get free food, and you should apply now if you’re reading this.

The last few weeks have been a blur of classes. Jeff has this way of making the material second nature to us in a single class, yet implementing what we’ve learned is always the hardest. I always find myself unable to continue whenever I start personal projects, and I think it’s a matter of not being able to break down my vision into easily digestible chunks. To be honest, I think class almost gets in the way at this point – if I could really sit down and dedicate a week straight to hammering my head against something in the mornings at Code and Coffee, I’d be able to learn more through doing.

Which is another thing – I almost wish I had moved hundreds of miles to take part in Code Academy. Having a strong social base and being comfortable being in the city has reduced the time I spend actually hacking at Code Academy homework, exercises, and projects. Bad Brian! Basically, you get what you put into Code Academy, and I think I would have put more into it had I not been so distracted by Life. Or I am just perpetually distracted by Life and would be hopeless, anyway.

Meanwhile, our second hackathon was this weekend, and my teammates Vageesh Kumar and David Hahn have been absolutely awesome to work with. Unfortunately, we were not able to meet up on the last day, but Saturday was a perfect example of team work. David created the look of the site, or the frontend, and Vageesh handled the programming necessary to achieve our app’s goal – to grab price data from other websites. Meanwhile, I managed the models and database required for storing the data, or the backend.

We’re still working on the application and the presentation for Demo Day throughout this last stretch of Code Academy, so click this link and sign up to see us present at Demo Day!