Pre-Flight Procedures

This post is going up because I’m headed to Boston tomorrow, and that will constitute Monday’s update.

I survived a nasty flu while squaring away my trip to Boston for PAX East. I’m volunteering as an Enforcer, and I’ve already made awesome [E] Chicago friends! Hope to meet awesome people along their lines at PAX East. Anyway, two very nice people volunteered their couches for me via and I chose the one closer to where I will be most of the time – the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Printed out my tickets, and I should be good to go. I leave tomorrow morning D:

I also got my first shipment from Gentlemen’s Square, which attempts to be your stylist from afar. They send you clothes and then charge you for what you keep, otherwise everything is free. My selection was pretty bad. I think the website quiz worked out pretty badly. I don’t actually know what I like until I see it, so the checkers and formal style were not my thing.

Thankfully, I also checked out Trunk Club in Chicago, which is a similar startup that’s been in operation for 2 years. I met up with Mike, who actually saw me in person and was able to recommend some really awesome clothes. I will definitely be back there when I can afford it.

Oh! I was also terribly offended by my visit to a Doctor of Osteopathy for prolotherapy. She told me that humans weren’t evolutionarily intended to walk on two legs, they were meant to crawl and I was like, “Maybe you were meant to crawl, but I was meant to fly!” Besides which, I had serious reservations about many of the assertions she made.

Well, off to bed. Boston in the morning.

EDIT – Oh! I almost forgot: