Chicago, Week 1: You’re the One for Me

How I feel about Chicago:

You’re the one for me, you’re my ecstasy, you’re the one I need

I’ve been having a blast, but I think I’m living too fast for my body. Got sick doing this:
  • Monday: Moved in. Immediately went to Dance Dance EVOlution.
  • Tuesday: First day of work. Danced with Troy Darnell/Showoff/Angelina/Liliana.
  • Wednesday: Second day of work. Met real Rails consultants. Met up with Paul Holmquist. Code Academy Demo Day. Holy shit. Mind blown.
  • Thursday: Time off after work? No way! Still dance with EVO
  • Friday: Tricking my ass off with Raizen, Dyamond, and Armani

Even though I’m learning a lot about SQL Server, Rails, and the city at my internship, I’m not counting work as “getting things done” anymore. There are a multitude of things that I want to get done, besides learn Rails.

Code Academy’s Demo Day blew my mind with how much everyone got done, and I can’t wait to get started on the million or so ideas in my head. I hope I’m paired up with a brawler as a mentor!

Dancing has been a huge blessing, for the people I’ve met and the outlet it provides. I’m in UIC’s ImaginAsian show for a single dance, which is unfortunately all I can commit to, and I’m also dancing with Troy Darnell, who is a rising pop star. Be skeptical – listen to his music. It’s surprisingly good. If you disagree then come at me, bro ;p

Finally, rounding out the week with tricking and the long ass commute in the cold, which probably made me sick. I don’t care what the science says, cold can make you sick if you’re not used to it (shoutouts to Justin Rosales and Wim Hof, who have shown me that that doesn’t need to be the case).

Sick, sore, singing, dancing, coding. Such is life.