Last week was about productivity – spending more time creating than consuming. With three tools, it was surprisingly easy: RescueTime, F.lux, and StayFocusd.

RescueTime tracks what windows you keep open and in focus and assigns a productivity score to each activity. It tracks URLs, too, so it knows the difference between Facebook and Ruby-Docs. It’s also extremely helpful to feel like your time is constantly being watched and reviewed. Thanks to RescueTime, I know that I was on the computer about 40 hours last week and I was 80% productive. Most of that time was spent programming for an application.

F.lux dims the light on your monitor at sundown. You can make it stop for an hour at a time. This is handy because it reminds me to go to sleep every hour and I’ve heard that blue light keeps you awake:

StayFocusd blocks websites. I actually spent a week training myself not to go on Facebook or Reddit with this. Watching the timer count down while you’re trying to waste time on Facebook is stressful and works to dissuade you from checking again.

Separately, these didn’t work to focus my scattered attention. Together, they seem to be enough.