Ideas of March – #IdeasOfMarch

Blogs are a great way to understand a writer on a personal level. For instance, I'm all about movement arts. That was a really poor justification for using this awesome photo.

This is my semi-participation in Ideas of March, a blogging revival effort. But I’m going to take it in a different direction and just mention thoughts I’ve had during March:

  • Getting back into filming stuff (I hate the word “videography”)
  • How to be more artistically creative/productive
  • Productivity and Facebook (they’re not necessarily antithetical)
  • How thinking about “being” a certain “type” of person is utterly unhelpful to personal growth
  • Facing my fears with Cojourneo
  • Code Academy (more on that on Wednesday)

Finally, Kickstart My Code Academy is going pretty strong. I couldn’t expect anything to come of it, and the fact that people have showed their support is really incredible to me.

Meanwhile, I’ve figured out a way to shove everything onto my credit card. Woo! So the payment will go through for sure. I just need to pay off the minimums until I can secure a source of income. Help me decide what to do!

Fill out my online form.

EDIT – Totally forgot to add that I am starting a paid internship pretty soon, as well. Everything into Code Academy, woot

  • Guest

    i really wanted to help you decide how to raise funds, but i couldn’t find the “get a job” checkbox. where could it have gone?

    • Oh, that starts next monday. It’s also insufficient.

      • Guest

        ooh, where at? insufficient sucks, but a kung bake sale is frankly a terrifying idea.