Week 3: Hustle

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Week 2: Rails Tutorial

Week 3: Hustle

I set myself a goal of “hustling” without really knowing what it meant. I knew official definitions ranged from “work hard” to “con people into doing what you want.” I think I’ve somehow landed in the middle – working really hard at people.

It’s come down to applying for employment, reaching out to interesting people, and looking into meetups and interests that languished before: Chicago’s indie game dev scene, startups, acting, software craftmanship. Applying to software development apprenticeships. Reading more about apprenticeship here – I really like the concept, and that you can apply its lessons to so much more than software development.

It’s been a good week so far. But I’m anxious to get back to Ruby, Rails, and learning how to morph from my caterpillar-like self into something that can fly and shoot laser beams from its antennae. If only I could find two tiny women to sing to me.

PS, my work in progress Rails app is here: