“How long will it take to master aikido?” a prospective student asks. “How long do you expect to live?” is the only respectable response.
-George Leonard, Mastery

Week 4, last week, was about Apprenticeship. In short: Never stop learning. This book was about useful methods (design patterns) the authors found for learning. While they were primarily talking about software development, the patterns can be applied to any pursuit. Wherever I look, whether it’s software craftsmanship, movement arts, or writing, the Long Road is daunting. I found the problem statement for Retreat into Competence to be very fitting:

“Problem: As you are introduced to the vast reaches of your ignorance you are overwhelmed.”

I became obsessed with the idea of software development apprenticeships, so I compiled a list of apprenticeships that I found online. I drew my own map by reading all the blogs of all the Code Cadets (Code Academy students) that I could find and scouring them for Ruby and Ruby on Rails resources. You can find them here.

I highly recommend reading Mike Ebert’s blog, which chronicles his 12 weeks at Code Academy as he goes from zero development experience to “adhering to Agile standards” in authentic, captivating prose.

I worked my way through Chris Pine’s Learn to Program and did some more Ruby Koans and Project Euler problems. Anxious to work through Beginning Ruby by Peter Cooper and finish the Rails Tutorial, this time for Rails 3.2.

I applied to Code Academy and my fingers are crossed, but I think I’ve started off with a good foundation – whether I’m accepted this year shouldn’t matter in the long run.

This week: Tranquility.

  • Tim Tang

    <3 learning. about anything, really.