Not Everything’s a Work of Art

That’s my excuse, anyway. I’ve been wanting to write, but unable to drudge up the “artistic” aesthetic in my last two posts. Still, I suppose a short recap is in order.

Since my return from St. Louis, I have been experimenting with incremental productivity – building habits that lead to positive outcomes. For instance, a little writing each day. A little bit here, a little bit there, and I’ll have a book. That way, as long as I keep going forward, I’ll be ahead of the game in no time. I’d read so much about habits through productivity blogs. I did, in fact, write some stuff and learn to code some stuff. I was sure it was the way to go.

It wasn’t.

I’ve accumulated over 12 hours’ worth of Korean lessons over the past three days as a result of a complete abandonment of my other goals and habits. Sure, maybe I’m doing it wrong. I don’t care – whatever I have been doing has not been producing results. This, however, does.

I am forgetting about habits for now. Maybe they’ll work for me in the future. But for now I’m going to leap into the next adventure. Complete a 68 lesson Korean course in a week? Sure. Next? Who knows? But it will be fun and exciting.

It took me over 6 months to re-learn the fact that I am an adrenaline junkie.

  • J Tong89

    Shouldn’t learning Korean be relatively simple considering that they have an alphabet? just curious. and yeah, habit buildin gsucks…

    • Korean has a beautiful alphabet, but it’s less about the ease and more about how much time, effort, and results I get out of my activities.

      • sexycooldark212

        and babes. can’t forget about the babes.