I awoke from the nightmare of the American school system bent on reclaiming my lost time. I spent the summer practicing spoken and written word with Jeff, biking into the heart of Missouri with Wells, and making trips out to Iowa to visit my sister and Albany, New York, for a friend’s wedding. I spent a month getting to know the Chicago trickers and wander around downtown. Then I returned home with a mission to carve out a work space from the untamed wilderness of my parents’ home or burn everything to the ground.

Living at my parents’ house is not something I’m ashamed of, whether it’s because of our Chinese culture or our ability to work out our individual problems. But after living in a car and out of my backpack for so long, “less is more” was not as accurate as “less and more,” and the house drives me crazy. It is in a state of endless clutter, which is what happens when there’s too much form and not enough function. Like their namesakes in web design, the function of our tables is to hold clutter so that we don’t have to deal with it in a concise, purposeful manner.

Once my room was in a workable state, I began to launch ideas. Real estate, t-shirts, drop shipping, digital goods, movement concepts, videogames. Websites, godawful websites with cats. Thankfully, they failed. Most either turned out to be unactionable at that point in my life or just a momentary infatuation. I learned a lot, in terms of knowledge and self-knowledge, but when the perfect opportunity came up, everything else faded into the background. My life clicked into alignment.

When I wake up, I know what I’m supposed to do. I know where I want to be next week, next month, next year. I have a reason to get a full night’s rest every night, to exercise every day, and to eat well.

Our time on earth is limited. We’re all counting down from about 100 years. What would you do if you had to spend just one of those years doing any one thing of your choosing?

And why aren’t you doing it? Because you will end up doing what you choose. As difficult or unrealistic as it may be, why not choose what you like?

Life is better in alignment.

PS, I’m following my childhood dreams of becoming an author: