The Path to Success

Stick to the path, reap the rewards

I rested my hands on my navel, glancing briefly at the empty plate before looking up at my long-time friend. I had sworn off eating here years ago as a result of working there and ruining my taste for it, but the memory was beginning to fade. It really wasn’t bad.

“So what does success look like?” I asked.

He and I had been on separate tracks in life for a long time since we’d met as children, but I felt like our paths were, if not converging, then moving in parallel.

Needless to say, we left with a vivid picture of what success looked like, and the steps to get there. Much like on the Katy Trail, where we had trailheads to mark our progress. We could rest there and gear up for the next couple of miles.

The thought stuck with me. Sometimes we were forced to go off the trail, but we always returned. Success became a glowing golden line in my mind, a treasure map. Yes, there was a destination in mind, but it was impossible to get there without taking it step by step. Then it struck me.

Success was not a destination. Yes, that was part of it, but it was a very small part. Ninety nine percent of success was the path itself. To succeed was to be on that path, and though we could diverge from it, as long as we returned or charted a new path, then that was success.

Where are you headed? What steps do you need to take? Take just one…and taste success.

Be a winner. Start today.

  • Thanks for the post. I agree that our paths have moved closer together.

    My Dad always liked this quote: “Success is the active pursuit of a worthy goal.”