Katy Trail Day 5 – The Final Sprint

Wells didn’t see it, but my right eye twitched when he finished talking. We were 10 miles from Defiance and he had the cart, so we were going at our steady, predictable, maddeningly slow 5 miles per hour. We needed to get there. Now. If that wasn’t an option, then as soon as possible.

Wells chilling at a rock bluff near Defiance. We took it easy...for the most part.

Breakfast opened up at the motel at 7am, which was a surprise bonus – not only had we paid half the rate of a bed and breakfast for twice the number of beds, we got breakfast thrown in as well. The only downside was stepping into the pile of cicada carcasses just outside the door. They had been swarming and chorusing the entire trip, but they seemed to have conspired to die off in great numbers just outside our particular room.

We took our time and left at around 8am. We could afford to, since the last leg of our journey was only about 20 miles. I was on trailer duty for the first 10 miles, which flew by. Amazing what a good night’s sleep can do for you.¬†We switched at about 1pm, and then after Wells had gone about 3 miles, that’s when he said it.

“If we make it there by 3pm, we can do all you can eat sushi.”

I managed not to knock Wells off the cart and let him do his thing for another couple of miles, but when it came time to switch, I was in the zone. There were 5 miles left and I was going to destroy it. I heard Wells say, “Oh ho, Mokane pace!” before I whizzed off.

No, Wells. This was much more urgent. This was the sushi sprint, and the last mad dash to the beginning of it all.

Back at Katy Bike Rentals in Defiance, MO.

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