Overall, I feel good, but if I were to put it into words, I would say, “well, fuck.” This weekend was something of a maladventure. Is that a word? It should be. First of all, I am forced to go home to pay off a speeding ticket. This is because I was too lazy to send it in the mail. Today I learned that laziness is stupid. Well, last Thursday. Anyway, it’s not so bad…I get to go home and grab stuff that will keep me from dying of exposure and do laundry and do a bunch of stuff that I can’t remember right now.

     I also take the two night opportunity to become nocturnal, somehow flipping my sleep schedule in a weekend. My incessant coughing helped with that, I suppose. So I do manage to get a lot of stuff done, I just can’t remember it. Finally, the drive home takes a record 6 hours in a snow storm, one hour of which was spent completely stopped. Finally I get to DK’s place and I feel like I have done absolutely nothing all day. All weekend, in fact.

     I did have a good conversation with Josh Ong while I drove. It’s probably a good thing I didn’t talk the whole ride though, because I probably would have died. These were some of the worst road conditions I’ve ever encountered. Crystallized, powdery slipsnow with zero visibility. I guided myself using the brake lights on the cars in front of me. I actually skidded off into the ditch once before I figured out that braking didn’t work quite the same way as before.

     I was thinking…and this is random, but…it’s so easy for McDonalds to dominate new markets due to economies of scale. If you have billions of dollars, it’s not too difficult to make millions more.

     The real challenge is taking $1…and making $2 from it.