On Failure

Fear is frustrating. Fear of failure…Fear is paralyzing.

Inadequacy drives me. Drives me forward like a slave driver, a whip of failure.

There is a direct correlation between the rate at which you experience failure and how fully you are living life, a direct correlation between your discomfort and the amount you’re growing. Do more. Do the unusual. Do everything. Finish things. Live more!

You will win this challenge, and then you will move onto the next challenge, and you will fail many, many times, if past history is any indicator, but then you will succeed. This month, you rewrite the endings to all your stories.

Again, I need to fail five times faster than your average person in order to learn the same stuff. So let me make a mistake.

Make a mistake.

Right now.

  • I like it.

  • Sai jie

    was this post in reaction to you forgetting my birthday?