Top 25 Majors at UIUC by Enrollment

     I recently found out about the Division of Management Information after calling the admissions office and decided to hunt around and see what kind of data I could pull up. As it turns out, you can grab the enrollment numbers by major quite handily, which is what I was looking for. Just for fun, here are the top 25 majors at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign for Spring 2010, graduate and undergraduate combined:

RANK    Code        Major               # Enrolled
1   NONE        Undeclared          2574
2   BSLAS       Psychology          1210
3   BSLAS       MCB             901
4   BS      Electrical Engineering      890
5   BS      Accountancy             843
6   BALAS       Political Science       792
7   NONE        Curric Unassigned       781
8   BS      Civil Engineering       724
9   BS      Mechanical Engineering      705
10  BS      Computer Science        659
11  JD      Law                 602
12  BALAS       Communication           587
13  BALAS       Economics           586
14  NONE        Biology             584
15  BALAS       English             582
16  BS      Kinesiology             520
17  BS      Architectural Studies       513
18  BS      Finance             505
19  BS      Advertising             499
20  DVM         Veterinary Medicine         453
21  BS      Computer Engineering        429
22  BS      General Engineering         428
23  BS      Chemical Engineering        415
24  BALAS       History             401
25  BALAS       Sociology           385

     I was somehow surprised by the fact that the highest number of students are undecided, and the #7 spot is taken up by “Curric Unassigned” which I assume is similar. Combine those and you have about 1/10th of the undergraduate student body deciding what they want to do.

     Also out of the blue in #11 is Law (JD). I didn’t know we had so many law students. Combined with Veterinary Sciences (DVM), about 1,000 enrolled students out of the top 25 majors are graduate students. Seeing as those 25 majors are comprised of 17,568 students, or a little under half of the entire enrolled population (40,038 students, grad and undergrad), that’s a pretty small fraction of the whole, but more than 1/10th of the graduate student population (9325).

     Here’s the data so you can poke around with the numbers yourself.

     And look, it’s just in time for Welcome Week!

     Have a good one, guys

  • I'd love to see “undecided” on a diploma