Fall 2010 – Week 1

     Week 1 of school has been remarkably difficult. Not for the reasons you would suspect, because it has nothing to do with academics. Life has been difficult because I’ve made it difficult. I’ve taken out the fluff and reduced it, I’ve boiled out the impurities and I’ve reduced it, I’ve hammered out all the air pockets and I’ve reduced it.

     So here I am and here I stand, just one man on a grandslam tour of freedom.

     Basically, I’m struggling with things at a survival level, such as food and places to sleep. I think I’m on the verge of solving them semi-permanently, until the seasons change at least. And then that’s a whole ‘nother level. I need boots and gear…my my. But Fall should be pretty nice.

     That said..I still have operational processes to carry out, such as sales for MoR Marketing, School, and my various profit initiatives. Because I need to start making a profit for this all to work out. Tuition is due in exactly four weeks.

     There’s also fun. Dance is fun. Exercise is fun. Friends are fun. But I would even go so far as to say that they’re more important than anything else.

     I feel caught between worlds. There is the drifter, the nomad. The car warrior. Then there is the wild child. Lost to the woods and loving it. The businessman. The entrepreneur. The Artist. Practicing the one art of dance, music, and motion.

     Nowhere in here does school fit. But then again, all of these need a place to sleep and some food. And preferably soon, on both counts.

     My shoes need to come off.


  • yeah, I certainly hope you figure out the sleep/food question, and soon.

    How are your profit initiatives working out? I do once-a-week tutoring, but I'm not making any money online yet. Gotta figure that out.