Day 1

Sleeping in my car

I got back to DK’s place too late on Sunday night. Time had spiraled wildly out of hand. Instead of sleeping in my car immediately, I just crashed at his place. I ended up waking up just before my alarm on Monday at 6:30 am. To be specific, my alarm was set for 6:30 and I woke up at 6:24.

I ended up driving to CPM where I’d gotten used to parking over the summer and took my towel, blue carry full of shower stuffs, and a change of clothes. Walking to CRCE took my 10 minutes, where showering and brushing my teeth took 20 minutes. I hightailed it out of there before Elaine could catch me, but we set up time to run for the next day.

Afterward, I wasted a bit of time at ISR and checked my email, wherein I lost a friend for no good reason.

Went to class at 10…I don’t remember what class was like. Then I went to the MoR Marketing meeting, went back to DK’s place (I still have the keys) and ate leftovers for lunch and did the dishes. Shortly thereafter I transferred Tennyson to Cody’s care. I retreated back to DK’s again and fell asleep for a half hour when I was woken up by Kisuke’s text. We went to Barr and switched Alex Paul into my spot on the lease. Chinese class was…interesting. Not really. I zoned out most of the time. I went back to DK’s again (jesus!) and wasted time on the computer until meeting up with Don at the union. We talked about the bakery and what was going on in Don’s life and then we headed over to Golden Harbor…which was closed. We ended up eating at Chinatown Buffet, which was a bad idea. Then I went to CRCE for a shower and then retreated to just outside DK’s to sleep, with my trunk/chair idea, which went horribly. I wasn’t able to sleep. Just to put things in perspective, I tried to go to sleep at 10. I ended up shifting the driver’s seat down and back at around 5am.

I had a dream where I was fighting my unconsciousness and my inability to move well (this was a dream) to try to sight something outside. It was some sort of animal that was hunting me. I also dreamed that a very dedicated hick was trying to oust me from my guest parking spot by writing stuff in the fog on the back window of the car. Actually, he was building little stick words at first, and he was doing it hatefully yet without being destructive to the car itself.

I also woke up really horny at some point. I had been dreaming about picking up girls.

So what did I learn? Well, sometimes you should just give up on your current course of action. Actually, have tests and backup plans. I’m looking at YOU, sleeping-in-your-car. Also, I JUST figured out that the reason I don’t want to stay in my car is my freedom. I don’t want to be beholden to my parents and I don’t want them to pay for anything. I want to take care of all the payments and finally gain independence. Which reminds me, I should look up the payment schedules for tuition…