You There! Run For Office.

     I’m serious. I think it would do the United States a lot of good.

     …well, not you, specifically, but if everyone ran for some sort of office, we’d all be better off. Let’s just say Mayor, for the sake of simplicity, but let’s be clear that I mean every position.

     Side note: I have very little time before I pass out. Anyway, onward.

     What’s there to lose, after all? I’m sure the experience and knowledge you would gain would be more than worth it. And if everyone ran for office, the candidate pool would be much better, meaning a “more perfect Union” and all that jazz.

     Just be prepared to win as well.

  • yeah, we need better leaders. I thought Obama was going to change things, and then…no, not so much. Honestly, what with extraordinary rendition and presidential assassination programs (yeah we really have those, check here:… ), America is drifting more and more into Evil Empire status. I mean hey, we're not Nazis or anything, but I'm becoming less and less proud to be American.