The Long Road

     I woke up today instilled with a sense of foreboding.  I was hopeless, friendless, and with a long road before me, all I wanted was for someone to tell me that they believed in me.  

     I was having a crisis of faith.  Faith in myself. Because what I’m planning this Friday and the ensuing weekend is possibly less sane than anything I’ve attempted before. Yes, those are walking directions. No, I don’t know what I’m going to do about dogs. Perhaps somewhere along the way I will pick up a stick to defend myself.

     I didn’t stop feeling sorry for myself, but I did pack everything I needed and left. I had an appointment with Tanagram, and I was going to keep it. Funny thing is, somewhere along the way, I stopped moping. I arrived about half an hour early, so I wandered about the city for a bit, then returned and still had time to solve Redeye’s sudoku of the day. Unfortunately, my contact had an emergency which ended up cutting my visit short, as they had no idea what to do with me.

     And yet, even so, I kept my head up. On the drive into Chicago, I reminded myself of the value of Hopefulness, and soldiered on. I also ate a piece of dark chocolate. So remember, when all seems lost, eat dark chocolate because the antioxidant flavanols boost blood flow to the brain and the cacao content triggers a hefty endorphin release, leading to an improved mood.

     Oh, and don’t forget Truth, Love, and Hope!

     PS, I’m walking to Chicago from Urbana Champaign this weekend. Wish me luck!