Something Brewing

     I guess it’s time for an update.

     Let’s have a quick run-down of my summer, shall we?

  • Got a motorcycle license.
  • Got to a third interview with a brand spanking new marketing company.
  • Got a haircut…then cut the rest of my hair off. Still have to go completely bald, though.
  • Got a job at Meijer…then I quit.
  • Caught a bird. Failed to save a bird.
  • Watched some movies.
  • Starting a bakery with Don.
  • Got some nude photos taken.
  • Helped out a dude, or tried to, with his web mapping application.
  • Danced some. Not enough.
  • Planches. Working on ’em.
  • July 4th with the cousins trying to set the city on fire.
  • Started reading again.
  • Chinese table.
  • Meeting with Aimee about Northwestern Mutual.
  • Lots of Commercial RE locations mapped out.
  • Going to trek the 130 miles to Chicago.

     Something is missing. Something that will make my summer complete. It doesn’t help that my trip to Australia was just taken off the table. But even so, there’s something missing.

     Maybe it’s just that it’s late. But there’s something missing. I feel like I’ll constantly be trying to fill this hole. I have to improve.

  • wait. u started a bakery? nude photos?
    u know wats missing ur 1700 mile trek to ny by bike/foot.

    • GOING to start an Asian bakery. Champaign really needs one.

  • Jason

    are you really gonna trek to chicago? lol XD


  • Sounds like a good summer. Don't worry too much about “one more thing” to make your summer “complete”. There's always one more thing.

  • yo d-bag, what about me and the bakery? We talked about this!

  • Hmm, not sure how to phrase this correctly, but I think what you're missing is something to accomplish for yourself. I don't mean getting random things done or doing things just for the sake of doing them, but doing something you've wanted to do. To me, the list of stuff you did over the summer doesn't seem…fulfilling?

    Aaargh, I know I'm not explaining things well (guess it's not surprising that I'm not a writer), but I guess for me, getting drawings done, getting my long-brewing comic ideas started, or even program something awesome would definitely feel fulfilling for me.

    • I know what you mean – it's like a building something with your own hands sort of thing. I think that's a very valid view.