I spent the day talking to commercial real estate agents. One in particular stood out – Todd Salen. This man is a gentleman and a scholar. And I mean this, despite my tired mind being able to reach out only to the nearest meme.

     Todd spends a great deal of his time mentoring young people, getting them out of trouble and onto the right path in life. He is also an independent real estate agent specializing in commercial real estate, which means that he comes into contact with a great deal of young people and a great deal of entrepreneurs, which, I believe, keeps you young. Todd is full of life, managing to be entertaining, inspiring, and informative at the same time.

     Everything I do requires the ability to communicate and connect with people, and I’m loving it. Finding interesting people to talk to, having great conversations, and learning, is what my life consists of. I have never been more engaged. Yesterday, I had to take a break from working on the bakery, but also a break from life. I was burning up, unable to sleep the night before that, because I was unhinged and unstable, gears constantly churning on problems and ways to improve. Some people have to take days off from studying…I have to take days off from Life, and that is wonderful to me.

     The types of people I’m meeting in my quest to figure out this “entrepreneur” within me are fascinating beyond belief. Karen Rabbitt, Eric Hansen, Daniel Vidakovich from the Linchpins meetup. Don, my partner in crime. Pop SocialMedia and Tanagram Partners in Chicago, who I look forward to meeting with. Seka, from Pekara Bakery, and Ryan McNeily of Howbowda Bagel. The takeaway is that entrepreneurs at every level, whether they’re famous or not, are fascinating. They have some sort of spark that propels them, drives them to create. And it’s catching.

     When I was working at Meijer, I was so bored there that I jumped at any chance to be doing anything other than absolutely nothing. What that turned out to be was people coming into the garden. I learned to appreciate people no matter what their backgrounds were, and to try to connect with them and be an agent of help as much as I could.

     The more I read, the more I become aware that this human connection is what will define American success in the coming years. In the industrial age, we learned how to mass produce what we needed. Then we figured out how to mass produce what we wanted. And now that we all have our basic needs and even our wants met, the next step is…Humanity. Truly heart-to-heart connections. This transcends materiality.

     People First.

     You can write that in the books.