Brain Workshop

     I just started exercising my brain using dual n back mental exercises. It’s REALLY tough, to the point where I don’t even want to do it. I haven’t quite gotten into the groove where difficult = fun…yet. I’m on the cusp, though. I have to take a break before that happens.

     Anyway, for the skeptics out there, here’s the Wired article on dual n back (dnb) exercises:

     And here’s the game I’m using to train:

     Anybody know any way that I can measure my “working memory” or “fluid intelligence” so that I can start benchmarking? That way I can let you know if there are any actual results from this exercise.

  • Sounds interesting, though I wish there were more studies about this. For instance, playing the game was shown to increase your IQ scores, but what about other methods of measuring intelligence?

    • Yeah, I wish! I don't trust IQ tests, to begin with, so that's out. I'm going to see if it helps me with memorizing dances.

      Got any ideas about how to measure changes?