One Thing

There’s something called Curly’s Law, which you can use to succeed in anything. It’s simple, really: Do One Thing.

Unfortunately, I’m not very good at doing one thing.

This is an understatement. Even when I sit still to think my life out, I can only bring it down to three to five items. They are as follows: Dance, Game, Restaurant, Languages, and Act.

Dance, because I don’t think I can stop. Game because I want to start a video game company. Restaurant because I want to open some sort of concept restaurant. Languages because I enjoy learning languages. Acting because there is a grievous mark on my soul. However, the main focus are the first three.

I sat down and meditated to figure this out after I went on a walkabout/dancestroll. I was distracted by how cool I thought I looked XD – we are on the outskirts of a storm, winds were whipping my bandanna around, and I was meditating on a concrete outcropping.


But all in all, it was productive. I’m rethinking my teaching English in Korea after I graduate. I don’t think it fits with any of my goals, or teaches me anything I can use to reach them better. Instead, I might run away to California to work for In-N-Out Burger and dance with the crews out there. That is, if I’m good enough. I just have to fit the video games in somehow…

I guess there is just One Thing I can be good at – Life, and loving it. I can’t help but feel it’s all up from here.