Tom’s 21st

Night before last night, right after I finished writing the post, my roommates came in with some friends and they were obviously buzzed. I felt alone once more. I stuck around until 4am and then passed out.

Last night, I went to Cly’s to dance by myself. I don’t remember what happened in the morning. It’s probably unimportant. Oh, wait…reading day was spent definitely not reading. I instead went to the mall with Don, Beatrice, and Leslie. Applied at American Eagle Outfitters, GameStop, then went to eat at Za’s. We went to Office Depot, where I applied again. BB was on call with Will about her accidentally spilling her drink on his computer. Looked like a bitch of a conversation. We had briefly talked about why Jen was being a bitch to me. Anyway, I dropped everyone off. I think then the rest of the day was unimportant.

Anyway, at Cly’s. I had originally gone to pick up my photo from Walgreens, but found out that I hadn’t actually submitted the order, so I went back to my apartment to drop off my backpack and then came back to Cly’s, where I danced for about an hour. I found out that I can improv and use everything that I’ve learned in less than an hour. Freestyling in clubs really pushes my creativity. I’m also thinking of dancing for other people instead of just myself. I think that would make dancing better. As it is, some girl ground up on me.

When I got back, Tom was ready to go to Murphy’s for his birthday. I headed out with them after changing. We picked up Jen, got to the place only to find out that Tom had forgotten his wallet. What followed was basically us chugging beer. I met Tomas and accidentally drank the shot he had bought for Tom. Then we commenced drinking pitchers of beer, mostly chugging. Jacob was there too.

Crazy crazy fun.

[10:27] me: it was a loooooot of fun
[10:28] me: I pregamed by going to Cly’s to dance
[10:28] me: by myself
[10:28] me: when I got back to my apartment, Tom was ready to go out
[10:28] me: did you get my text? Tom has my phone right now, but I texted you somethign about being at Murphy’s
[10:29] me: anyway, we spent most of Murphy’s chugging beer with Tom. Damn, that guy can really down it
[10:30] me: I actually don’t think we did anything too ridiculous
[10:30] me: drunk handstands got me some male attention
[10:30] me: I was testing my balance
[10:30] me: apparently I wasn’t drunk enough
[10:31] leslie: wow, there are so many ridiculous things that I want to respond to, I will number them
[10:31] me: ahaha
[10:31] leslie: 1) CLYS? BY YOURSELF????
[10:31] leslie: 2) again, CLYS? BY YOURSELF????
[10:32] leslie: 3) I got your text. You rubbed in my face how you can use puncutation and grammar correctly while you are drunk. I don’t think you were drunk enough then.
[10:32] leslie: 4) you? chugging beer? whaaaa?
[10:33] leslie: 5) handstands at murphys…. the ONE thursday night out of the whole year I don’t go to murphs, you were there doing handstands. again, whaaaaa?
[10:33] leslie: 6) . . . male attention?
[10:33] leslie: 7) can I please be around next time you’re drunk?
[10:33] me: hahaha
[10:33] leslie: 8) that is all
[10:33] me: dude, it’s so rare that I get drunk
[10:33] me: also, I’ve never been drunk off of anything but hard liquor before last night
[10:34] me: so in the past I’ve been either way less drunk or way more drunk
[10:34] me: anyway, I will answer these in order
[10:34] leslie: well, yeah Brian. of course you’ve been less drunk or more drunk. . . that sentence doesn’t make sense in my mind
[10:35] me: oh okay
[10:35] me: lemme rephrase that
[10:35] me: I’ve only been WASTED or sober before
[10:35] me: nothing in the middle
[10:35] leslie: hahaha oh man
[10:35] leslie: awesome
[10:35] leslie: got it
[10:35] me: the last time was when I decided I wanted to terrorize my friend from high school
[10:36] me: so his girlfriend and I got drunk
[10:36] me: and then invited him over
[10:36] me: so we were drunk and fucking with him
[10:36] leslie: WOAH
[10:36] leslie: oh
[10:36] me: that was fun, but I ended up vomiting
[10:36] leslie: oh
[10:36] me: DUDE NO
[10:36] leslie: I missed the with
[10:36] leslie: yeah
[10:36] leslie: got it
[10:36] me: whaaat the fuuuuu
[10:36] me: anyway
[10:37] me: 1) Cly’s by myself – yeah, I wanted to dance! Learned a lot too. Going back whenever I can.
[10:37] me: 2) It’s really not so bad.
[10:38] me: 3) Yeah, I’m so smug about my English when I’m drunk. I almost said something to that effect to one of my other friends, but he probably woulda bitch slapped me
[10:38] me: 4) What?
[10:38] me: 5) Yeah, handstands and running on rails and doing freezes on columns
[10:38] me: 6) yeah, some guy came over when I was doing handstands (he was drunk) and he was like, “THAT SHIT WAS REAAAALLLL”
[10:39] me: 7) Um…if there is another occasion. I think I’m giving up alcohol.
[10:40] leslie: giving up alcohol?
[10:40] leslie: before I get to see drunk Brian Kung?
[10:40] leslie: you’re so mean
[10:41] me: haha
[10:41] me: I’m just messing with you
[10:42] leslie: by the way, drunk guy mentioned in #6 was probably one of my friends
[10:42] me: blue shirt, curly hair
[10:42] leslie: what did you learn at clys?
[10:42] me: I forgot his name
[10:42] me: oh, while I was freestyling, I ran out of stuff to do
[10:43] me: made up some stuff too
[10:43] leslie: so you learned to grind on the poles?
[10:43] leslie: isn’t that what everyone does there?
[10:43] me: some girl made me pole dance in the beginning
[10:43] leslie: yeah… sure… “made you”
[10:43] me: serious, she dragged me up there
[10:44] me: but yeah, I can do everything I’ve ever learned in terms of club/hiphop dance and be out of stuff in less than an hour
[10:45] me: freestyling in clubs pushes me to be more creative, that’s what I learned
[10:46] leslie: that’s always good
[10:46] leslie: maybe you should just go to clubs to choreograph then
[10:46] me: when I got out, I was in suuuuuch a good mood
[10:46] me: I already felt drunk
[10:47] me: anyway
[10:47] me: this dog has been seen at nearly every protest in Greece in the last two years
[10:47] me:

Yep, already said it, no point in retyping everything.

So I helped Tom get back to his apartment. He was fucked up – he hadn’t eaten anything all day and had commenced chugging beer like a champ. Vomited all over the entrance to his apartment and took my phone because he had an interview and dropped his. He said some funny shit.

I made some delicious soup while I was buzzed and then passed out before I could taste it.

That is all.