Missed a Day

I for the life of me can’t remember what I did on Monday.

OHHH, my recall was probably affected by staying up until the wee hours. As I recall…I fell asleep on the couch and then relocated to the bed. When I woke up, I thought it was 1:24pm. Then I took a shower, got out and started making some rice and drunk soup. Drunk soup means that I boil some mixed vegetables in chicken broth and then add frozen tilapia. It is actually pretty good.

Anyway, I got back to my room at some point and realized that it was 1:24pm…after I had done all that shit. So my sense of time was out of whack the entire day. Probably why I lost that day in my memory. I think I continued to sleep a lot as well. Ate more drunk soup with rice for dinner.

WAIT NO…I had work that day. I made drunk soup just in time to leave for work. What the hell happened between 1:24pm and 6:30pm? I remember getting the text reminder for work and then rushing to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for a makeshift dinner. I spent that shift…doing…nothing…wait…I think I worked on my paper. I also remember completing all my work tasks.

Losing time is strange.

WHATEVER. Anyway, Tuesday. This morning, I woke up and bummed around on the internet as usual. WAIT LIES. The night before, I had made a bet with Leslie regarding performance on Tuesday’s final exam for EALC 250. It was exam plus a time bonus, where every five minutes is a bonus point and the winner decides the next challenge. So I set my alarm for pretty early in the morning (6:30am) and actually got out of bed at 6:50am. Last night I had set aside some water as a stopgap solution for cleaning the fish tank that Tennyson, my Betta, lived in, so I poured that water into the tank, fed him, and gathered a bunch of reading material and went to ISR to study. I sat next to Yaebeen. That girl is always in the computer labs.

After burning through all of the slides and some of the readings, I decided to stop studying and go back to get some lunch. Little did I know that I would receive a fateful phone call around 11:45pm. Yeah, actually, a grocery store Gas Station called about my application. So I passed the first phone interview which took 22 minutes, bringing me to 12:07, and agreed to go to an interview in 23 minutes at 12:30. I jumped into some business clothes and drove off, catching sight of Megan and Kat. I sped, getting there with 3 minutes to spare, which brought me to customer service asking for Brandon H. exactly at 12:30. I was rather proud of this. I passed the second interview and was scheduled for the third, final interview at 2pm Friday. I am not proud to admit that I slightly embellished my interview stories, but they are for the most part true.

After handily dispatching two interviews, I went back to my apartment, changed, and left for my exam at 1:15pm. I got there exactly at 1:30pm and crushed it mercilessly. I was out by 2:19pm. One guy had beaten me to the punch. I made myself feel better by convincing myself that he was probably a moron. As I left the exam, Leslie mouthed “Fuck you!” at me. I had gotten myself 26 bonus points for our little competition, one per five minutes before the deadline. This would push me from a 75% to a 101%, so I was fairly happy with my performance. I’m pretty sure I beat her, though, which means I need to think about the next challenge.

Anyway, after all of this productivity, I wasted my time until 5:30, when I went to meet up with Jason at ISR and play guitar and sing to random people. It ended up being just a jam with the two of us, though we had some good group dynamics with Lucy, Jen, and Stephanie.

I had told Rose that I would study Chinese with her at 7pm, so I went to the Wardall lounge and essentially passed out. I continued failing to study Chinese until this very moment. Mike came, Josh came and went, Susanto, Janice, Conny, other Conny (who baked cookies and biscuits…oh, so tasty), Marcus, Ran, and Andrew. These are not in chronological order. Mike and I took an hour long break to play ping pong with my net and his ping pong balls. Then we got back and I started to write this.

Study fail. Time to go back and take a shower.