Iron Man 2 Released

…and it is promptly ignored by me.

So I woke up and basically bummed around online until it was time to wake Tom up and see if he was ready for his interview. I happened to tell Leslie what had gone on in the meantime, and that explains the conversation in the last post. She went to an exam while I headed over to Tom’s place, where I found him awake with a remarkably hoarse voice. I ate my delicious Awesome Soup before I headed out.

Anyway, we swapped phones, as he had mine and had just found out that his interview was rescheduled. This meant that I had a bunch of his numbers on my phone, with cryptic names like “Airbaby” and “jg”. The two letter names were the most confusing. So we hung out for a while, watched a movie, and ate some fud ghetto style. What I mean is that we might not be the best cooks or the most sanitary people, but we ate usselves some fud.

Went back to my apartment and passed out. I had a slight headache from the alcohol last night, myself. Also, my legs and knees were only vaguely functional. Dancing should not do that. Passed out for a while and then headed out to grab my free print from Walgreens and meet up with Leslie and the Kim Squad. Having done that, I checked to see if anyone was at the ARC to see if anyone was tricking and then left when I found nobody waiting for me.

Went back to my apartment while texting Don. We agreed to study together, so I headed over eventually. While I was waiting for him to shower, I cleaned up a bit. Then when I got there, I did some work, managed to write a page long paper, while BB played Little Big Planet and Don choreographed or reviewed songs for a choreography that he was going to teach a famous dancer’s cousin. He kept referring to her as “Yuri’s cousin.”

Got some stuff done, and then Houston came back and was setting up dinner for his girlfriend, so I helped clean the dishes and they fed me pasta, pizza, and fried sloppy joe with rice. Then we watched Iron Man, in preparation for Iron Man 2, which they will presumably see tomorrow. Meanwhile, I decided I was headed home for Mr. Lyons’s retirement party and Mother’s day.

I left after the movie ended. Somewhat…well, not quite lonely. Somewhere along that periphery though. I came home to Cherk serenading his girlfriend, Siv.

Something like that.