Every Day is Worth Writing About

I just had a friend tell me that every day is worth writing about. This is something I can agree with, so today begins a new experiment. I’m going to try to write something in this blog at the end of every day – summation or random thoughts, or, most likely, a combination of the two.

Yesterday never really ended. I spent a long time talking to a friend last night until the birds started chirping. I learned that not everybody is looking out for me, and though that’s for granted, I expected it at least from the people I called friends. That was depressing. That, along with various issues I’ve had with people. My Chinese name means benevolence and I try to live up to it. I don’t know why anyone would have issue with me, but it’s something I need to try to understand and overcome.

So instead of sleeping, I commenced wandering around outside and made my way to a gas station, where I waited to meet up with some friends around 5:30AM. We made our way back to their place, where we just talked and I helped Audrey study until 8AM. When the sun came out, it felt like all my troubles dissipated with the night.

I went home, fully intending to do work, and then passed out until 11am, missing out on Jason Hsieh dance battling his Physics 211 professor. I was late to my dance class and tanked a choreography, but by the end it wasn’t so bad. I have a showing for it tomorrow at 11.

Two of my friends from class joined me for free food at the AACC. The food was late, and when it arrived, it really wasn’t that good. Poor quality sushi from a Vietnamese restaurant. Yes, you and I are both confused about that, because sushi doesn’t come from Vietnam.

Class class class…went home and passed out for five hours, missing dinner and the first half hour of a group meeting for an oral exam. We finished the script and Mike was kind enough to buy me a drink and a hamburger from late night. I finished downloading something using the high speed connection in the dorms, and then I headed back here (my apartment) to do laundry and, ostensibly, work.

Laundry, check. Work? Never. I plan to head over to Don’s place to get some work done, actually.

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  • I liked this post. Indeed, every day is worth writing about.

  • I liked this post. Indeed, every day is worth writing about.