Today, I found myself drifting back towards Chicago.

I drifted back to consciousness about half an hour after I turned my alarm clock off. Once awake I realized that my fish was on the floor of the tank, unmoving.

Sudden dilemma. Was I to rush out the door to Chicago without attending to my fish? A sudden wave of disappointment swept through me. How was I to succeed at anything if I couldn’t even keep my fish alive? The water levels were low, and they had been contaminated with a green onion plant that I’d kept in the water for a while until it started to stink like onion.

I had thrown that onion in the river. FREE WILLY!

Anyway. My fish was dead. Except that, as I swept the water around him trying to fish him up, he turned out to be alive. All was well. Except that my fish had nearly died. Once I finished terrifying him and containing him in a tupperware, I fed him and realized I didn’t have the time to do a water change. I had to leave for Chicago to be on time for Mr. Lyons’s retirement party.

I put him back in the dirty water and ran off, shamed. I will return to fix things, hopefully before he dies.

Made it home to pick up my sister, Alyson, at around 12:15pm. The party started at 12. We got there about half an hour late. Seeing Mr. Lyons and Mr. Barnabee was pretty awesome. A bit strange, but awesome.

Stayed there for a while, then ran off to pick up the credit card from the parents and then gas up the car. Went back home and watched Zombieland while waiting for the parents to come back. When they did come back, we somehow fit in the movie Behind the Folds, which was fucking awesome. If math is the language of nature, origami is the carpentry and masonry.

Right, then we were late to leaving to pick up my brother and his husband. We chugged through traffic and then tested something – I called and told them we were outside well before we actually arrived at their door. We took five minutes to get there. It still took another five for them to get outside.

Next time, calling even further ahead of time.

Got to Chinatown, where I spent a lot of time driving around looking for parking when 1) my sibs were calling me while holding a parking spot, but my phone was on silent, and 2) my friend Karen said she could have let me park there for free. Ended up parking in a parking garage. Thankfully, validation at a participating restaurant meant that we only needed to pay $1 for parking. I’ll have to remember this.

The restaurant, Evergreen Seafood, was overcrowded. We had to wait a long time just to get a seat, even though we’d reserved a table. Once seated, the food came out so slowly initially…and then there was a flood of food toward the end as the rest of the restaurant cleared out. And we discovered that we had ordered too much…

Onward. We dropped my brother and Toto off and headed to my grandparents’ house, where we mostly played with my uncle’s iPad. I showed my aunt/uncle/cousins Joe Wong. Then we went home. On the way, I found out DK was in town, so we decided to hang out. I planned a musical terrorist attack with my friend Jason on Tuesday, and then went to Cubby Bear North to meet up with DK.

I got there first. There was a band playing pop music. Rock Candy (www.rockcandychicago.com) was the name of the band. They were pretty good. Very together, you could actually hear the singer. And she had crazy stage presence. And boobs. And toned abs.

Yeah, I was turned on, not gonna lie.

We chilled there for a bit, then left when Rock Candy left the stage. We went to DK’s house, where we talked about computers, and then I returned at around 2. I stopped by the gas station to check my car tire pressure. It was all good. But there were 5 police interceptors on the way back. They were out in force.

Got back and did some other things that I can’t recall. About to pass out. Hope I brush my teeth before then.