Quick Update


  • Breakin’ the Law: 7 Deadly Styles in TWO WEEKS. So much for training for it – I spent most of the last two months injured. Can’t wait to see some sick trickers/bboys, though.
  • Kicking my ass over a EALC 275 paper that’s entirely the product of my stupidity
  • I should probably also be kicking my ass over a EALC 250 paper, but I’m only vaguely aware of its existence, so all is well until I find out it’s due tomorrow.
  • Interview/presentation for AAA Fashion Show Head Coord this Friday at 4pm. I wanna rock this shit. Time to put my ideas into a cohesive whole.
  • VSA stuff – tryouts, practices, and the show itself
  • AAA Formal – whether or not to go, whether or not to go with someone and if yes, then who?

The hell? This looks like a lot of crap. I can’t wait for my life to simplify.