Ramen Golf

One of the few things motivating me to continue cooking for myself since the inception of 2010 has been Ramen Golf. Even now, as I wait for the hiss of water against hot metal to alert me that, yes, the water is now boiling over, I am playing Ramen Golf.

Sitting on top of my refrigerator is a 24 pack of Samyang ramen, the first syllable meaning “three” in Korean, and the second syllable, in conjunction with the first, meaning “Tasty MSG stuffed ramen packages.” This definition is probably shared by those non-Korean speaking consumers who buy Samyang ramen.  I have touched not a single one of these packages.

Every package I eat adds to my score, and the goal at the end of the semester is to have the lowest score.  So far, I’m beating all of you.

  • ryokubaka

    We're tied. I'll win.

    • Bring it on, kirbaka

  • So who has technically won then? You who hasn't eaten any? or the Samyang Ramen company who got you to buy something You'll never use? And I think I'll probably lose. I have yet to meet someone that feels healthy after eating a pack of ramen. And in golf, don't you want a negative score?

    • I'm pretty sure Hole In One still means you got a point for that hole. I don't see how you could get a negative score unless you somehow hit your competitor's balls in as well.

      As for the winner…I'm thinking of a family event to celebrate ^_~

      • You get negative based on the par for that hole. So if a hole is par 3 and you get a hole in one, your score is -2. If you get par you get 0, and if you get above par you get positive points.

        • Damn. Don't think this will make me buy more packages of useless ramen, though.

          Nice try, Samyang Ramen!

  • interesting game. =)

  • interesting game. =)