OKCupid – Dating Site Impressions

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So I spent the last day on OKCupid, poking around. The most irritating and galvanizing thing I can ever find on any social networking site is a progress bar. OKCupid’s was especially so. It would increase in 5% increments for every task it inflicted upon me.

Compared to LinkedIn, though, the tasks were more amusing. The ones that I remember include contacting 5 (then 10) people, answering 100 profile match questions, and writing 1000 words in my profile. Who wants to know that much about me?! I have just deleted the excess fluff.

Anyway, my time was spent mostly harassing honest, love-seeking people with comments like, “Damn, girl, those have GOT to be fake,” and “You spelled _____ wrong, how am I supposed to love you now?” I also hassled people about their profiles and solicited them for lessons. Thankfully, this is on the internet, so I have some buffer time before they find out where I live and send their new OKCupid boyfriends to pound me into the ground.

I have not tried the “You wouldn’t believe how ENORMOUS I am!” line, yet. I have high hopes for the response rate on that one.

Already made two interesting friends, though! Overall, my impressions of OKCupid is extremely positive. I wish job searches and all sorts of things were laid out like OKCupid. For mathematicians, they’ve done social web all sorts of right.

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