Obsession Confession

This is the second night in a row in which I have stayed up hours beyond my bedtime in order to work on this site. It’s kind of pathetic. I’m just going to aggregate my twitter and facebook status updates since this insanity started:

  • Sat 8:18pm – Brian Kung is now at www.callmekung.com AND http://briankung.wordpress.com …what should he do with the wordpress.com blog?
  • Sun 1:03am – Introducing CallMeKung.Com [link]
  • Mon 8:47am – YES! I have tamed the comments and forced them to obey my cruel will to STAY INSIDE THE BOX! HA HA HA! HAVE AT, DISQUS CUSTOM CSS! [link to Ramen Golf]
  • @jeeremie, just wanted to thank you for the gorgeous OneRoom theme! Currently using it to power www.CallMeKung.com about 22 hours ago from Echofon
  • Brian Kung HAHAHA I HAVE MASTERED EVERY ASPECT OF WEB DEVELOPMENT (oh god, please don’t quiz me) www.callmekung.com
    Yesterday at 8:54am
  • Yay! HTML 5 video! I’m so proud of my website. Won’t work in Firefox – try Chrome: www.callmekung.com/html5-videos/ about 7 hours ago from Echofon
  • Google Chrome users, check out this HTML5 wizardry – allows you to play videos without flash! Actually, now that I think of it, I don’t think anyone is going to be impressed…
  • YES! My favicon is working now! It’s the little blue orb icon for CallMeKung.com! Uh, that took me like four hours to design. I’m actually a little depressed about that.
    3 hours ago

I have managed to spend my time rifling through and learning how to install tons of plugins, navigating CHMOD permissions, setting up a mediawiki installation, setting permissions for that, adding a pdf of my resume with a google viewer, and countless tweaks here and there, including the logo. Which I have just finished. I dithered between two initial versions, then realized they both looked crappy and made a third, which I have yet to attribute to my friend Phil.

Nevermind, I just did that.

Anyway, fiddled with HTML5 video, which is really exciting to me. I also finally aggregated the majority of my web presence into one section – right by the wallflip logo, there are links to my web presence on IMDB, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I will add Last.fm and Pandora right now. Added. I don’t know how long that took.

Right. Still have a few plugins to evaluate, install, and test, and then I can start fleshing out my wiki.

  • lol ur turning into shang who is checking the stat counter24/7. bad idea installing that. He also feels he needs to put something up everyday now -___- don't forget we need to come up with movie ideas by the weekend

  • I think you've worked harder than me. I just used ThrillingTheme with the recommended plugins. I haven't even touched CSS

  • I think you've worked harder than me. I just used ThrillingTheme with the recommended plugins. I haven't even touched CSS