Internet Identity Crisis

I’ve been pounding myself into my site, little by little, and I do believe it’s taken an actual physical toll on my health. I feel quite a bit worse than before I had a website. Or rather, my own domain name.

The problem is, I’m pounding the essence of myself into cookie cutter shapes that don’t necessarily fit what I’m trying to do. I guess that’s a secondary problem, the first being that I don’t know what I’m trying to do. I’m trying to build a platform for my identity.

So here I am, ruminating on my identity. I don’t know what shape this entity will take tomorrow, so how should I know how to approach this problem? At least I’ve identified the main thrust of my question, now. I feel as though this stream of consciousness approach has helped at least the tiniest bit.

Anyway, I’ve identified four primary types of content. Each, in my opinion, has an optimal way of being viewed, an optimal context, and each combination thereof also has its own optimal context.

I haven’t thought much about the social aspect yet. I should. Social elements should be built in, but through feeds? Hmmm…that, I’ll have to think about a great deal. There’s more elements to the context of our media than I really want to consider. And really, how many services are already specializing on optimizing the niche that they occupy?

I have to noncompete. Don’t attempt to tackle everything…just the stuff I like to do. Primarily, audio, video, text.

Time to develop a real vision for what CallMeKung could be.

  • yeah, don’t try to tackle everything

  • yeah, don’t try to tackle everything